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Report Date: November 14, 2003

CCRL Proficiency Sample Summery of Statistics

CCRL Masonry Cement Proficiency Sample Nos. 51 & 52

TEST TITLESample: 51Sample: 52
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UNIT# of LabsAverageS.D.C.V.AverageS.D.C.V.
N. C. Water%6924.
Gillmore TS Initialmin6614726171582818
Gillmore TS Finalmin6625442162654015
Autoclave Expansion%650.020.0172.370.000.01428.75
Air Content%6817.
AC Mix Water%6948.
AC Flow%691092211132
Compressive Strength 7-Daypsi69164319112172019411
Compressive Strength 28-Daypsi59194218910215121310
45µm (No. 325) Sieve%6814.491.6011.021.800.3821.32
Mixing Water (WR)%6148.61.32.747.51.22.6
Initial Flow (WR)%621102211122
Final Flow (WR)%6295569566
Water Retention%6286458556

More information can be found on our statistics page.